Cultural heritage and architecture


  • Basic measurement data of the spatial scanning are point clouds of predefined density, which materialize the surface of the scanned object.
  • The picture shows measurement data from one scanner position. In this case, point clouds are visualised by using colours dependent on the intensity of the laser beam reflection from the object within the specific colour spectrum.
  • This picture shows photo-realistically visualised point clouds.
  • For assigning colours to cloud points photos taken by a built-in scanner camera or any external camera can be used.
  • This kind of visualization enables the cyclic updating of the structure's condition.

This type of data model is useful for:

  • Visual and numerical analysis of deformations on the structure, as well as its overall condition
  • Study of the object in terms of its origin, phases, etc.
  • Object maintenance
  • Digital archiving of the object's present state
  • Production of all other segments of documentation