Riegl LMS Z390i

Tehnical Data 3D Scanner Hardware RIEGEL LMS-Z390i
Rangefinder performance
Eye safety class CLASS 1 LASER PRODUCT according to IEC60825-1:1993+A1:1997+A2:2001
The Following clause applies for instruments delivered into the United States:Complies with 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11 except for deviations pursuant to Laser Notice No. 50, dated July 26, 2001.
Measurement range*
- for natural targets, 80 % up to 400 m
- for natural targets, 10 % up to 140 m
Minimumu range
- for natural targets 1 m
- for reflector targets 2 m
Accuracy** 6 mm
Repeatabillity** 4 mm (single shot), 2 mm (averaged)
Measurement rate up to 11000 pt/sec @ low scanning rate (oscillating mirror)
up to 8000pts/sec @ high scanning ratze (rotating mirror)
Laser wavelength near infrared
Beam divergence*** typ. 03 mrad
Scanner performance
Vertical (line) scan
Scanning range 0º to 80º
Scanning mechanism rotating / oscillating mirror
Scanning rate 1 scan/sec @ high scanning @ 80º scanning range
Angle stepwidth**** 0.002º----0.2º
Angular Resolution 0.001º
Horizontal (frame) scan
Scanning range 0º to 360º
Scanning mechanism rotating optical head
Scanning rate***** 0.01 º/sec to 15 º/sec
Angle stepwidth**** 0.002º ---- 0.75º
Angular resolution 0.001º
Inclination Sensors integrated, for vertical scanner setup position******
Internal Sync Timer (option) Gps-synchronized time stamping of scan data******
General tehnical data
- for configuration & data output Ethernet TCP/IP, 10/100 MBit/sec
- for configuration RS 232, 19.2kBD
- for data output ECP standard (enhanced capability port) parallel
Power supply input voltage 12 -28 V DC
Power consumption typ. 55 W max 68 W
Current consumption
- @12 V DC typ. 4.6 A max 5.7
- @24 V DC typ. 2.3 A max 2.85 A
Main dimensions 763 mm x 210 mm (length x diameter)
Weight approx. 15 kg
Temperature Range 0 C to +40 C (operation), -10 C to +50 C (storage)
Protection Class IP 64, dust and splash-water proof
* Typical values for average conditions. Maximum range is specified for flat targets with size in excess of the laser beam diameter and near to normal incidence of the laser beam. In bright sunlight, the operational range is considerably shorter than under an overcast sky.
** One sigma @ 50 m range under RIEGEL test conditions and vertical scanner setup position.
*** 0.3 mrad correspond to 30 mm increase of beamwidth per 100 m of range
**** Selectable via Ethernet Interface or RS232
***** Horizontal scan can be disabled, providing 2D-scanner operation
****** Specifications to be found in separate datasheet.