Digitization of analogue maps

Georeferencing of the raster maps

  • Georeferencing on a decimetre grid
  • Georeferencing along the map framework
  • Report generator on pre- and post- results of the georeferencing procedure

Data modelling and vectorization

  • Screen vectorization
  • Translating, scaling and rotating of basic graphic elements, and the group of elements (block)
  • Precise measurement of points according to the following methods: ordinate methods, polar survey, intersection
  • Snap, auto scroll and pan possibilities, trim and extend functions for intersection calculation
  • Storing of all spatial data and graphical elements in the database
  • Data exchange with other systems using standard formats

Controlling and topological processing

  • Control tools for report generation and error positioning of congruence of official and technical areas
  • Tools for detection of geometrically unacceptable elements
  • Tools for detection of line section without the breaking point
  • Tools for detection of cadastral parcel regions with no number or more than one number
  • Tools for automatic creation of cadastral parcel regions and preparation for GIS