Leica NA700 Series

Technical DataNA720NA724NA728NA730
Telescope ImageUpright
Gas FilledYes
Diameter of objective30mm36mm40mm40mm
Shortest focusing distance0.5m0.5m0.5m0.7m
Angle Measurement360degree/400gon Selectable
Distance Measurement 
- Multiplication Factor100
– Additive Constant0
Circular Bubble10' / 2mm
Focus Driveroughrough/fine
Horizontal Driveboth sides, endless
Accuracy (Standard deviation)
Per km double-run2.5mm2mm1.5mm1.2mm
Single measurem. with 30m target dist.1.5mm1.2mm1mm0.8mm
Setting Accuracy (Standard deviation)< 0.5"< 0.3"
Working Range±15'
ImpactISO 9022-33-5
Water and Dust Resistance IP57(immersion) IP57
Temperature Range
– Operation–20 to +50
– Storage–40 to +70 °C
Dimensions, Weight
Instrument Dimensions19×12×12cm21×12×12cm
Instrument Weight1.6kg1.7kg